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Massage & Samplers

Hot Stone Deep Tissue

(30 min-$50 / 45 min- $75 / 60 min -$90 / 90 min-$120)

The perfect solution for your sore muscles.

Hot stones help increase circulation and warm up muscles in need of attention. This deep tissue massage is customized to your unique needs.


(30 min-$50 / 45 min- $75 / 60 min-$90/ 90 min-$120)

The best of Swedish massage. Long kneading strokes help

relax you from head to toe.


(30 min-$50 / 45 min- $75 / 60 min-$90 / 90 min-$120)

A massage to stimulate your senses. Your choice of essential oil blends from our selection of premium quality oils. Massage is customized to your needs. 


(30 min-$50 / 45 min- $75 / 60 min-$90 / 90 min-$120)

Especially for mom’s-to-be from conception right through to delivery. This massage is tailored to the stage of pregnancy (either side-lying or with pillows). Either way, you are sure to be relaxed and comfortable. Great for all those lower back aches!

Massage Services by the Hour

$90 per hour- 3 hour minimum. Two services are available in a pay by the hour format- 15-20 minute chair massage or 15-20 minute clothed table massage. Host will receive one invoice which must be paid prior to the event.