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SpaVroom Mobile Spa Services can make your spa party the experience you've always imagined...serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Picture this... you've just enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing time at your local day spa. You've had your knots kneaded out and you are completely relaxed. As you drive home in traffic, remind yourself not to tense up and ruin all the work your massage therapist did. Is this any way to end your spa experience?

Now, let's rethink this. Your SpaVroom professionals come to you with everything needed to make your spa experience a memorable one. From tables to aromatherapy oils, music to quality spa products, we've thought of every last detail. Now, take off your shoes and have a bite to eat while you relax before your treatment. After you are pampered to perfection, kick back on the couch and enjoy the company of your friends. No being rushed off the table and out the door. At SpaVroom, we bring the best of a day spa to you without any of the hassles.

If you prefer a more traditional day spa experience for your event, we have a location in Tewksbury, MA. See Oasis Day Spa for more information.