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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services do you offer?  

Massage services by licensed and certified technicians customized to your unique needs. 

2. Why would I choose a mobile spa over a traditional day spa?

A mobile spa gives you the luxury of your choice of professional spa treatments in the privacy of your own home. No being rushed off the table and out the door.  No driving. What could be better than getting together with friends, enjoying food and drink, and having a relaxing spa treatment? 

3.  How do you plan for a spa party?

First, visit our Plan your Event section.  You will find specific instructions on how to start the party planning process. You will also want to send your guests a link to our site if they are choosing individual services.

  1. 4. How does the spa party work?

SpaVroom brings the spa to you, from massage tables to the highest quality spa products. Every last need is taken care of by therapists who are there to ensure you have a comfortable and relaxing treatment.  The party host does not need to lift a finger- we bring sheets, hot stones, everything to provide the perfect spa treatment. It’s the best of a day spa, without any of the hassles.

5.  What types of spa parties do you offer?

Since we customize our spa parties to meet your needs, we can accommodate just about any special occasion you can dream of- Girl’s Night-In, Baby Showers, Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Party Get-Together, Corporate Services, Family Reunions. If you have occasion for a party, we bring the spa to you. 

6. How do I know if I have enough room?

Spa party services take up very little room. A massage table fits nicely in a bedroom or office (for privacy). Sometimes though, if you are planning for a large number of guests you may want to consider a hotel spa party. To truly get away from it all, consider going in with your friends and booking a hotel room or suite for the evening.

7. What about corporate chair-massage services?

SpaVroom can service it all - employee wellness days, fundraising events for non-profit companies, tradeshows.

8. Will I receive the same level of service as in a traditional spa?

All SpaVroom specialists are licensed and certified, with the highest level of professionalism, courtesy and knowledge. 

9.  How do I prepare for a treatment?

Our spa professionals will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your treatment in order to have time to set-up for the party. Massage treatments are performed on a massage table. Great care is taken to ensure your comfort and privacy. For massage services, therapists request a private area in which to set up the table. The guest is then given privacy to undress to their level of comfort and get settled upon the table.  You will be properly covered (draped) by the sheet at all times. Then, all you need to do is relax and enjoy!

10.  Should I tip the spa professionals?

If you are pleased with the services you received, it is customary to thank your therapist with a 15%-20% gratuity. This can be given directly to the therapist providing your service.

11.  What are your hours?

As the nature of a mobile spa party is different from that of a traditional day spa, our hours of operation are flexible to meet your needs. Spa professionals are available 7 days a week.  Services are not available on major holidays.

12.  What areas do you service?

Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

13.  Is there an age minimum?

Clients must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent in the room

14.  Are there any conditions where a client would be refused services?

Spa technicians are required to refuse treatment to anyone with broken skin or lesions that cannot be covered or avoided. Services must also be refused for undisclosed medical conditions for which massage is contraindicated.  If you are pregnant, please note the stage of pregnancy prior to booking so your technician can properly prepare for your comfort.

15. What is the minimum number of people needed for a spa party?

There's no minimum number of people required for a spa party. However, a minimum of three hours of services per therapist is required. So, a spa party could be 3 people getting 60-minute massages or 50 people getting a wide variety of treatments- and everything in between!

16. How do I decide what time to start the spa services?

We cannot guarantee the full service time if someone is late, however we will make every effort to fit their treatment into the remainder of the party if other guests can be switched around. Parties must start and end at the contracted times. We recommend having your guests arrive at least 1 hour prior to the time our technicians are scheduled to start. This allows time for eating and mingling so that guests are ready to go at the appointed time. If a party starts after the appointed time or a guest isn't ready for their service, our technicians are not paid any extra to allow for this. As a result, they must cut back on services to account for the late start. We recommend that party hosts make all guests aware of this so that they are timely. This is especially important if preparing for a surprise party etc..If there is a chance that your guest of honor might have an unpredictable arrival time, we suggest having our technicians arrive after the party officially starts to prevent any lost service time.

17. How do I pay?

When paying by the hour, the host will receive an invoice prior to the party. This invoice must be paid in full 24 hours prior to the event by check or credit card. If guests are choosing their services individually, they must call in their individual payments at least 24 hours prior to the event. Due to the mobile nature of our business, therapists are unable to accept any payments. All payments must be called in to 978-884-8957 at least 24 hours prior to the event.

18. What if I need to cancel my party?

Parties must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the event in order to receive a refund. In the event of severe weather, rescheduling will be allowed.

19.  How far in advance can I book a spa party?

Spa parties can be booked up to three months in advance. Weekends fill up quickly so make sure to book early to get the date and time of your choice. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance for larger parties.

20.   How do I book a spa party?

Visit the Plan your Event section of our site and answer the questions at the bottom of the page